Drain Cleaning

Pressure Wash Drain Cleaning 

Our pressure washer easily cuts through F.O.G. (fats, oils, and greases)

Our pressure washer easily cuts through F.O.G.
(fats, oils, and greases)

Our pressure washer easily cuts through F.O.G.
(fats, oils, and greases)

Our state of the art pressure washer has the capability of cutting through solid objects, FOG (fats, oils, greases) sludge build up, roots, and debris. With over 200 feet of line we are able to open up virtually any drain. Our pressure wash drain cleaner runs 4000 psi at 4 gpm and can be heated to 200 degrees. With that kind of cleaning power TNB Plumbing can restore your drain line and clean it for “like new” performance.

We also offer a drain cleaning maintenance package with a clog free warranty*.  Have your drains cleaned annually and save on this service! Have peace of mind knowing that your drains are clear and running at 100% capacity. We also have a hand sprayer for our mobile pressure wash which makes cleaning up after messy jobs a snap!

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Drain Augers

general-wire-mini-rooter-xp-lgAlthough a drain Auger doesn’t clean the pipe from FOG or renew pipe like the pressure washer, it is still can be an efficient and affordable approach to unclogging a drain. In certain situations the auger is the only answer to clearing your drain. We have many different attachments for our augers, different heads for different jobs. There are root cutting heads, retrieving heads, spear heads, and many others. When it comes to unclogging a drain we have the best gear to provide you with the best outcome.  Have TNB Plumbing assess your drain situation and a trained tech inform you of the options and make the best decision to get you through your problem fast and efficiently.

Some examples of our auger equipment can be found at the links below:
Super Vee-(Great for kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks):

Electric Rotary Auger-(best on 3” to 4” drains):

Ridgid K60 Sectional Drain Auger-(particularly great for bath tubs)”

Drain renewal-


Having TNB plumbing renew your drain or water service is a one stop experience. With our own back hoe and operators as well as all the required safety certifications and skilled technicians, we do not have to wait on other contractors for anything. We can complete the job more efficiently. As well as offering a hassle free one on one contract for the client.
We  install a main line check valve which protects you against sewer back up into your home from surcharge of municipal sewer. We offer an outside clean out for future use. An outside clean out is an excellent way of entering the drain for cleaning and unplugging, eliminates the need for heavy and cumbersome equipment in the house,  possibility of drain water entering your home.

Drain Camera

TNB Plumbing has the latest in drain scoping equipment. Our 200 foot long drain camera has a clear sharp picture and in color. We can scope your drains and give an accurate description of the type of material, condition of pipe and even the location of the drain line with out locating wand. It has a self leveling head for optimal viewing and can scope main lines up to 8″ in diameter. With our locator we are not limited to locating drain lines but plastic or metalic water line and live power services under ground and behind walls, showing depth and pin point location. We are able to find burried wells and septic tanks too!