Water Treatment

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Did you know that a water softener is the only device you can put in your home that actually makes you money. You can go out and buy the most efficient appliance but it is still a device that cost you money to operate. A water softener puts money in your pocket buy operating at an electricity cost of less than three dollars a year. Calculate the cost of salt: 6 bags a year at $6 a bag is $36 dollars for a total yearly operating cost of $39. And yet a softener will save you $1500 a year in clothes, soaps, plumbing fixtures and pipes and even juice.
Find out how by having technician come to your home and present a water treatment demo at no charge and no strings attached. We also offer other great products for all your water treatment needs. Call today for a free water diagnosis, we can present in home, or email the results.


In line filters = removes Sediment, Chlorine, Taste,
RO’s= strips water down to pure H20, even removes bacteria
Iron Filter=removes iron returning iron stained water to clear water
UV lights=Enables bacteria from infecting the body
ANd much More

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